The Car Born Baby

By anoble.

Rc CarOk, so this title is a bit misleading. The baby wasn't actually born inside the car, but rather on the curb of Interstate 5. I was not the doula for this birth, but I was one of the assistants to the midwife. This is how it came about:

I got a...

Little Moments: Picnic Day

By anoble.

Park DayI think that when my girls are grown, and they are no longer my small babies, it is the little moments we have together that I will look back on with the fondest memories.

Today I took my girls to the park. We had a "real" picnic, meaning we put a...

The Resuscitation of Baby J

By anoble.

Medical SuppliesBaby J was born in a dimly lit room, with the help of two midwives and two assistants (myself being one of them). Now, normally when a baby emerges from his mother, he is a bit like Gumby. Arms outstretched in a firm yet movable stretch, wiggly...


By anoble.

Guatamala Mother And BabyThe Reality:

According to The CIA's World Factbook (

In Angola, Africa, 175 babies out of 1,000 born alive each year die before their first birthday.

In Afghanistan, Asia, 149 out of 1,000 infants die every year.

Niger, Africa is...

The Abie Blues

By anoble.

Abie On BlanketI loved Abie right from the start, there was no doubt about that. She was my tiny baby girl. She was such a precious gift to me, and nothing compared to her. I enjoyed feeding her, and dressing her, and holding her, and touching her, and kissing...

Book Review: Beyond the Blues

By anoble.

Beyond The BluesI read Beyond the Blues as part of my doula training, but I was drawn to it for very personal reasons. I had a rough postpartum period with my first daughter-- and although I loved her to pieces and found her to be the most precious thing in the...

Book Review: The Doula Guide to Birth

By anoble.

Doula GuideAfter the birth of her son, one of "my ladies" gave me this book as a gift. I found it an easy and interesting read, thus finished it within a few days. (I don't often buy books for myself with my own money, partly because I am a minimalist and...