Two-fer Tuesday

Vintage Baby BuggieI am often called to be a birth assistant with a wonderful group of midwives. This is different than a doula, for my job then is to help the midwife with the delivery, instead of helping the mother birth. Often these two roles intertwine, and I love them both!

So Tuesday afternoon, when the midwife's number came up on my cell, I got excited as usual.

"Hi, Lisa. Is there another birth?" I asked. This would be the third call in as many days.

"Actually," she said with a pause in her voice, "there are two births. They are both at the center, and both ladies are about 5 cm."

This is a way of measuring a woman's cervical progress during labor. Since we count up to 10 cm, both of these ladies were half way there.

Not one baby, but two babies were on their way! Bring it on, Mother Nature!

And she certainly did! There were four of us (two midwives and one other assistant) running around, snapping rubber gloves on and off, boiling water (yes, we still bring water to boil for birth), warming blankets, gathering towels, yelling at inanimate objects (this was mostly me), keeping time, and smashing each other between the door and wall (so sorry Janna).

At 7:30, a precious baby girl entered the world, and two hours later, a handsome little boy took his first breath. Like always, they were the most beautiful babies in the world.

I love working as a birth team with other caregivers and expectant parents! You work together, sweat together,  and rejoice together as you take part in the right of passage with a new family.