The Birth of Baby E

DucksBaby E's birth was special, but not because she was born in any special way (let's face it, she arrived in the same way most other babies come into the world). Baby E's birth was special because she was born to a a mom with breast cancer.

Mama had stopped chemotherapy while pregnant, and planned to return to it as soon as her baby was born. The midwife made calls to OB/GYNs and lactation specialists in order to make sure it was safe to deliver the baby without medical intervention, and the "go ahead" was given.

So, on the night I got the call that I was to assist at this birth, I was told that Mama was at 4cm around 8:20 pm. I arrived at the maternity clinic lass than an hour later to find Mama and Daddy in the tub room with the midwife. By 9:40pm, all our rubber gloves were on, and I rushed into the tub room with the couple's camera to snap pictures of Baby E emerge out of her mama and into the water.

Water births look almost as if the baby is sliding out into a soft floating world, and no matter how mama may be feeling, the baby looks calm and serene. But this mama pushed for only 2 or 3 minutes as she almost breathed her baby into the world. It was a quick delivery! And a beautiful baby girl with a head full of dark hair was born.

Mama and Daddy and Baby stayed at the clinic for 2 hours before heading home to bed. Mama successfully breastfed in order to start Baby E off in life with her colostrum. But in a few days she must return for more chemotherapy, thus switch to formula feeding.

I love that this couple chose to have a natural childbirth despite everything else that is going on. I love that even though Mama is worried about her health and not in the "optimal position" to feel the pain of childbirth, she still did what she believed to be the best for her and her baby.

I do not know if I would be so brave.