My Declination

Millie Blanket (Touched Up)When I was pregnant with my second daughter, my birth center offered birth doula care for free.

I declined.

I planned on having my husband, my mother (who lived out of state), my cousin, and the midwife all there, and that would surely be enough people to support me. As it turned out, Miss Millie had her own schedule and decided to come 11 days early. Abie was around, so Adam had to take care of two needy girls, my mom did not arrive in town for another few days, and my cousin barley made the birth. In the midst of active labor I decided I should have reserved a doula for myself (“What was I thinking?” ), and asked the midwife to make a few last minute calls.

Yes, I have been known for being one of those last minute people. I change my mind after the server writes down my order. I stand in line for 20 minutes at the grocery store and finally make it to the cashier before I realize I have forgotten the most important item. I wait till my car is on empty and the light is blinking before filling it up with gas.

If your eggo is preggo, take my advice: Don't wait till the baby is rampaging your belly walls before grabbing the nearest person by the hair and begging, “I need someone to help me, NOW!”.

I have personally found many reasons in which one may find a doula beneficial, and here's the exciting part...I am going to share some of them with you :) Coming up next...