Little Moments: Small Offerings

Box"Mommy, why do have a frown on your face?" my 4-year-old asks me.

"Well, I feel cold, and I am not feeling very well right now..." I might as well be honest.

The Great Mother has fallen.

"I know what will help you not be cold," she responds as she walks away stuffing a cracker into her mouth.

Thus she brings me the pink flowered comforter from her own bed, and her favorite, well-worn, dirty, little stuffed puppy she has dubbed 'Congin'. Where she got this name I have no inkling. She also brings me her white, pocket sized New Testament, just in case I want (need) to read it.

So, now I am snuggled on the couch with a blanket over me that is too short, and using a dirty old dog as a companion.

And now she is in the other room, watching Diego and eating Wheat Thin crackers. She must know that in her tiny way, this offering has helped me to feel better. At least I feel a little less cold...

It's these small offerings and little moments that I cherish the most.