Little Moments: Picnic Day

Park DayI think that when my girls are grown, and they are no longer my small babies, it is the little moments we have together that I will look back on with the fondest memories.

Today I took my girls to the park. We had a "real" picnic, meaning we put a blanket on the ground and sat down to eat our homemade lunch in the shade of a large oak tree. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze in the air, and our spirits were high. The only thing missing, besides Adam, was a real woven picnic basket.

We munched on our peanut butter crackers and ate strawberries and watched the ducks waddle by, begging for leftovers.

Abie threw them a cracker, Millie threw them a half chewed up carrot.

I sat there with my children, Abie sitting close to me, resting her hand on my lap, looking all around her. We talked about the ducks, and about our shadows, and about our feet.

I looked at my girls and thought, "If I ever have to define the word 'happiness', I will think on this moment." Feeling warm and safe, not a care on our minds, and just being in the presence of the ones we love-- this is true happiness.

I am so thankful for the little moments :)