Little Moments: Interview with My Four Year Old

Abie 3d GlasesSitting around our coffee table one morning, Abie (my 4-year-old) and Millie (my 1-year-old) and I began to talk. Well, Abie and I talked, while Millie just sat a listened, every now and then saying a few coherent words, like 'apple', 'milk', 'no', 'baby', and 'Dora'. We got to chatting about some very interesting things such as toys, waffles, God, coloring, and babies.

1. Why did God give you to me?
Because he wanted us to be your daughters.
Oh, melt my heart :)

2. What is a midwife?
A baby doctor.
What is a baby doctor?
It takes care of babies when they are sick.
What else?
And they take care of babies when they are born so the parents can come and get them and stay safe.
If only it were that easy...

3. How do babies grow in your tummy?
When they are all grown the tummy gets bigger and bigger.
And your hips, and thighs, and feet, and butt...

4. How are babies born?
They come through your tummy. They put a long line through your tummy and they get the baby through the rope and take it to the hospital and you pick it up at the hospital.
Ah, Ignorance is bliss...

5. How do babies eat?
Their mom feeds them with their food. They get their milk through their mom's boobies and through bottles.

I love my little girls and their innocent nature. It is these little moments that I cherish the most.