Hospitals, Homebirths & Hippies: Part 1 -- Options

4544797917Hey, guess what: Not all couples who choose to have their baby at home are hippies.

Wanna know something else? Not everyone who gives birth in a maternity center is a Naturalist.

And how about this? Not all midwives wear their hair in braids or buns, and keep their belongings in a fanny pack around their waist.

There are many different people, who, for many different reasons, chose to have an out-of-hospital birth. And most of them are not weirdos, or naturalists, health nuts, tree huggers, or hippies. Most of them are actually what one would consider a "normal" person. Most of them drive cars, eat ice cream, and shave their armpits like any other "average" person.

Here is the best part: You have options and you have choices.   

You can decide where you want to have your baby. You do not have to follow the "norm", and give birth in a hospital if you don't want to.

More and more people are choosing a midwife as their primary caregiver, for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital births. More and more people are choosing to give birth at home or at a maternity center. And everyone has different reasons for their choices.

For instance, some people long for the calm and quiet comfort of their own home as opposed to the loud business of a hospital room. Yet others like the attention that all the different nurses and doctors bring to the hospital, and they don't mind the business and interruptions.

The same goes for medication. There are those who oppose any intervention, or IVs, or pain medication, or monitors, thus they choose to birth at home or at a maternity center. Then there are people who opt for medication and interventions, and feel most comfortable surrounded by these things, and they are happy giving birth at a hospital.

Now, let's be honest, there are pros and cons to all options and decisions. You just need to weigh each one out for yourself and decide which ones are most important to you. 

Just remember, you should have your baby where you feel the most able and the most comfortable.

I am not trying to persuade you to grow out your facial hair, quit shaving your legs, wrap a band around your head, and paint a giant peace sign on your skin. And I am not trying to tell you that birth outside the hospital is the one and only, best way to go.

But there are many options to explore, and just because you choose to have your child "outside the norm", does not make you a weirdo or a hippie :)