Five Jazzy Reasons for Choosing a Doula

HandsWorking from my experience as a birth doula and midwife's assistant (and as a woman who has given birth myself), I have come up with a few reasons that you may find a doula beneficial at your baby's birth.

Aren't you jazzed? Great! I am too! Here we go.....

1. Support for both you and your partner. Whether you decide to have a “natural” childbirth, a medicated childbirth, or a cesarean, both you and your partner in crime, will need to be supported and encouraged. You are the one laboring, but your partner may be having many thoughts and feelings with the process as well. Whether he is in an active role during the birth, if he is more of a bystander, or if he is spending time with his head between his knees trying not to hyperventilate, you may find that a doula is able to help the both of you during this process.

2. You are not just a "patient" or a "client", but a friend. Ok, seriously, who doesn't like meeting new friends? The time spent before, during, and after the birth of a baby can be so intimate and special that you can't help but feel connected to everyone who is involved. You may start off the journey as strangers, but you leave the adventure as friends.

3. Because your mother is wonderful, but.... Her role is as mom or grandma. She may benefit from a doula who remains calm and relaxed, and who takes the physical and mental toll onto herself. This leaves Mother to "enjoy" herself, or even to rest up so she is on fire when her grandbaby's birth is emanate.

4. Your doctor or nurse or midwife will not be by your side every minute. That's right. They may be awesome and caring and wonderful, but they have a different role to fill. They will be coming and going, but they will also be charting, setting up equipment, or even seeing other women during your birthing time. As far as staying beside you and working as a close team with your partner in order to make sure that you are never left alone, well they just don't do that.   

5. Sweating the small stuff. Food, drink, pillow fluffing, massage, photographs, cold's "sweating the small stuff" that can make a world of difference. Doesn't having your own personal servant sound appealing?

Now that you are all fired up, what are you waiting for? Don't do what I did with the birth of my daughters, and decline this opportunity.