Book Review: The Year After Childbirth

The Year After ChildbirthThis was the first of Sheila Kitzinger's childbirth books that I have read, and it definitely won't be the last :) Yep, I like her.


The Year After Childbirth is all about, well, the first year after childbirth. This book does a wonderful job of exploring your postpartum time, and it covers just about everything you may need to know. Just a few examples of these are: changes in your physical body, nutrition, breastfeeding, your emotions, feelings about yourself, feelings about your child, returning to work, and sex after baby.

There is also a chapter about becoming a father. I think this part can be beneficial for both men and women. It offers understanding and great insights into the role a new daddy takes on.


This is a great book for anyone who is interested in more than just their baby's changes and development during the first year of life, but their own changes and development as well. (As long as you can handle the horrific clothes that the people in the pictures are wearing, you'll do fine!)

I think it a good read for anyone working with postpartum women.

Favorite Quotes:

"To become a mother is to be shaped by strong emotions which carve into your personality and determine how you see the world, and your relationships with other people, for the rest of your life."  --pg. 199

"A man becomes a father not because of a biological act...but because he acknowledges paternal responsibility...It is an act of awareness and of will, rather than biology."  --pg. 201

"...Being a parent does not stop when your children are no longer children. You continue to be a mother and a father through their adulthood, too, and for as long as you live."  --pg.284

Happy Reading :)