Book Review: The Vaccine Book

The Vaccine BookI have had an inner battle raging in me for years regarding the issue of when and how to vaccinate my children. It wasn't until recently, when a friend loaned me this book, that I decided to make a peace treaty with myself once and for all. After skimming the first few chapters of The Vaccine Book, I stopped reading it and handed it back to my friend, only to buy my own copy. This way I will be able to keep it forever and ever.


I found that The Vaccine Book well worth the read and worth my money. If only I had picked it up 5 years ago when my first child was born!

Dr. Robert Sears mixes humor with facts, and is not, surprisingly, an anti-vaccine doctor. He is pro-vaccine, and he has spent the last decade and a half researching vaccines and their ingredients, as well as the pros, cons and statistical affects each one may have on your child.

The first twelve chapters are dedicated to the twelve diseases and vaccines that our children are routinely given. Dr. Sears defines each illness we are immunized for, as well as how common it may be. He provides the name(s) of the vaccine for each particular disease, what the specific ingredients are that go into it, the side affects it may produce, and why some people may choose to get this vaccination while others may choose to decline it.

The book also touches on the most modern vaccine safety research, as well as the Autism debate (which struck my curiosity almost to the core), and alternative vaccine schedules that differ than what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends.

Sears did an excellent job of giving strong evidence without using the scare tactic and without making me feel guilty or like a rotten parent! I needed that!


I would totally recommend this book toanyone and everyone who is interested in learning more or researching the vaccines that our children are receiving today.

I recommend this book to anyone who is concerned about the rumors and/or stories that they have been hearing regarding vaccines (both the good and the bad). Actually, any parent would benefit from reading this book.

Favorite Quotes:

"Most vaccine-preventable diseases have nothing to do with poor health care or unsanitary living conditions. They can easily spread among the cleanest and healthiest of people."  --p.73

"Some conflict of interest is inevitable in our current health care system. But our government and medical societies have to do a better job of minimizing it. Otherwise. parents will continue to mistrust the system."  --p.191

"When parents are lied to by our medical system, they lose trust of that system. This false advertising has fuelled the fires of the anti-vaccine movement."  --p.255

"Your children are precious, and you have the right to make informed medical decisions for them."  --p.304

Happy Reading :)