Book Review: The Nursing Mother's Companion (Fourth Revised Edition)

Nursing Mothers CompanionWhen I first started reading The Nursing Mother's Companion , I was expecting the book to be rather mundane and repetitive. There are so many books out there about this single topic, and seriously, how many references about breastfeeding does one person need? But , *sigh*, being the good soldier that I am, I trudged on in my reading, and even had a pink highlighter on standby-- just in case something specific were to spark my interest.

Now, the soldier in me is proud to say, that I am glad to have read this book. It wasn't nearly as mundane as I thought it would be...In fact, I kinda liked it.


The Companion holds a lot of information in it's 200-and-something pages. Yes, you may wish to read it little by little, or just the sections that pertain to you at the time, as it is full of thoughts, ideas, and solutions.

Some of the things this book covers are: your milk supply, nursing positions, common concerns, special babies, illnesses, and weaning. It also provides a list of the many different types of drugs and the effects they may have on breastfeeding.

I enjoyed coming the end of every chapter, for there I found the Survival Guides. These guides give the main points of each section, as well as practical advice, and solutions to some of the problems one may face.

Another thing I liked about the book was the amount of resources it provides. For instance, there is a whole chapter dedicated to, and describing, all sorts of breast pumps and their related contraptions, as well as where to find each one.

I think The Companion is a great book to have on your shelf since it covers so much information, and it just may be the only nursing reference book you need.


The Nursing Mother's Companion may be a good idea for any mother who chooses to breastfeed, whether your baby is still teeny-tiny or is now a toddler. It covers all ages and stages. (Plus, it has a lot of pictures of breasts, so your husbands probably won't mind looking through it as well :)

This book may be a smart choice for doulas, both birth and postpartum, to have in their personal library. It's great for references, and referrals.

Favorite Quotes:

"It will take several weeks, and most of your time and energy, to get to know your baby and learn how to care for her....Adjusting to motherhood is always easier when you are supported and cared for by others."  --pg. 46

"Comforting your infant and responding to her needs is very important to her well-being and her development of trust. Babies are really unspoilable."  --pg. 77

Happy Reading :)