Book Review: Beyond the Blues

Beyond The BluesI read Beyond the Blues as part of my doula training, but I was drawn to it for very personal reasons. I had a rough postpartum period with my first daughter-- and although I loved her to pieces and found her to be the most precious thing in the world, and although I was so happy to be her mommy-- I was also very depressed. By God's grace it didn't last long, but I came out of this period feeling very passionate towards helping other mothers in their early postpartum days.


This is more than a book about the "baby blues". It is a book about pregnancy and motherhood depression. It is very short, but it is very informative. It talks about the different symptoms of depression and mood disorders, as well as ways to get a handle on them and get help. It also lists a lot of handy resources, including help organizations, books, and medications.


I recommend this book for every doula, whether your practice is in birth and/or postpartum. You need to know how to see the signs and what to look for.

This is a great read for women, and/or their partners, who struggle from depression or any mood disorders, and may be looking for help or insights, either for the past, present or future.

Favorite Quotes:

"She will be aching for someone to open the door...and give her permission to express how she is really feeling."  --pg. 94

Happy Reading :)