A Different Kind of Mommy War

5985104676 We ask: "Should I use cloth diapers or disposable diapers?"
"Pampers or Luvs?"
"Breast milk, formula, or soy formula?"
"Which candles create the best scent to labor by?"

They ask: "Will I survive my next pregnancy?"
"Will my daughter get raped if she goes out for firewood?"
"How many of my children will survive?"

"For while we argue about stroller brands and family size, millions of women are engaged in a different kind of mommy war, fighting with every decision of every day for the very survival and future of their children."  -Rachel Held Evans

A good friend of mine (and rising author) recently wrote a blog about her experience in Bolivia, and the real mommy wars that most of the world has to face everyday.

Please read: rachelheldevans.com/bolivia-momm y-war