10 Steps Into Awkward Pregnancy

Pregnancy CardI am in that awkward part of pregnancy when:

  1. My belling is getting bigger, but it doesn't quite look pregnant yet. It just looks extra chubby.
  2. I often have indigestion or heartburn. Tums have become my best friend.
  3. I am tired and worn out much of the time. I look at wheelchairs with fondness and growing jealousy.
  4. I have belly gas. It stays cooped up inside me and refuses to seep out. My husband doesn't mind this at all, but I do not like the tummy aches. I'd like to feel relief. I'd like to fart.
  5. When I look at a tiny baby I have all these squishy feelings on the inside, until they start to cry! Then I think: "Thank goodness I don't have to deal with that. Oh, wait..."
  6. I worry that my baby may not be healthy. Then I tell myself to stop worrying and to not be such a pessimist. Then I feel like a fool for being such an optimist, and I start worrying again.
  7. I have at least one small headache a day.
  8. I have multiple pimples and extra hair growing on my face. Yet, I am not at the beautiful point in pregnancy when the hair on my head starts to grow in luscious locks and my nails are extra strong and shiny.
  9. Insomnia. Enough said.
  10. When my bladder is about to burst, I quickly go to the bathroom, only to let out a tiny tinkle. Then, 20 minutes later, I am about to burst again.

But, I am so thankful for this little life inside me, and I must remember that the best things come in small packages.
Even uncomfortable, hairy, and awkward packages.