10 Reasons My One-Year-Old is Like a Puppy

218384 10150216113405948 555220947 8309010 7923596 O1. She chews on my shoes. I have tiny teeth marks to prove it.
2. She plays in the toilet.
3. She brings me my sandals if she wants to go out for a walk.
4. She slobbers and licks me.
5. She digs in the trash can.
6. She unrolls the toilet paper roll. All the toilet paper.
7. I call for her, and she turns and runs the opposite direction. I should just get a leash.
8. She tears the pages out of every book she gets a hold of.
9. I throw a stick or a ball, and she fetches it.
10. She begs for food. Any food.

Amileah is 1 year old, and God bless her, she is into everything. Chasing her around the house has given me joy, sorrow, and just about every emotion in between.

Who needs a puppy when we've got Miss Millie :)