Lord Help Me- I Am One of Those Parents

By Rachel Crownoble.

Perfect FamilyI was determined to never be one of those parents. You know the type: the one who's child screams in the middle of an aisle at a store, or the one who's child keeps wiggling out of their seat in the restaurant, or  the one who's child walks around...

Two-fer Tuesday

By Rachel Crownoble.

Vintage Baby BuggieI am often called to be a birth assistant with a wonderful group of midwives. This is different than a doula, for my job then is to help the midwife with the delivery, instead of helping the mother birth. Often these two roles intertwine, and I love...

Pain & Stress Relievers

By Rachel Crownoble.

Foot MassageHere are some of the best and most popular ways to decrease your stress and pain during childbirth. I have seen them all used is various ways and I have also noticed that different things work for different people. No matter how you choose to handle...

Five Jazzy Reasons for Choosing a Doula

By Rachel Crownoble.

HandsWorking from my experience as a birth doula and midwife's assistant (and as a woman who has given birth myself), I have come up with a few reasons that you may find a doula beneficial at your baby's birth.

Aren't you jazzed? Great! I am too! Here we...

My Declination

By Rachel Crownoble.

Millie Blanket (Touched Up)When I was pregnant with my second daughter, my birth center offered birth doula care for free.

I declined.

I planned on having my husband, my mother (who lived out of state), my cousin, and the midwife all there, and that would surely be enough...