10 Steps Into Awkward Pregnancy

By Rachel Crownoble.

Pregnancy CardI am in that awkward part of pregnancy when:

  1. My belling is getting bigger, but it doesn't quite look pregnant yet. It just looks extra chubby.
  2. I often have indigestion or heartburn. Tums have become my best friend.
  3. I am tired and worn out much of...

Little Moments: Interview with My Four Year Old

By Rachel Crownoble.

Abie 3d GlasesSitting around our coffee table one morning, Abie (my 4-year-old) and Millie (my 1-year-old) and I began to talk. Well, Abie and I talked, while Millie just sat a listened, every now and then saying a few coherent words, like 'apple', 'milk', 'no'...

Hospitals, Homebirths & Hippies: Part 2 -- A General Comparison

By Rachel Crownoble.

5787434179Every hospital, doctor, and midwife vary a bit in their work from one to another, but here is a general, semi-quick, comparison of a hospital birth vs. a home and/or maternity center birth (ha, I bet you thought I was gonna say a comparison of a hippie...

Hospitals, Homebirths & Hippies: Part 1 -- Options

By Rachel Crownoble.

4544797917Hey, guess what: Not all couples who choose to have their baby at home are hippies.

Wanna know something else? Not everyone who gives birth in a maternity center is a Naturalist.

And how about this? Not all midwives wear their hair in braids or...

Why I Chose Baby Led Weaning: 4 Personal Reasons

By Rachel Crownoble.

5669212783Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a way to transition your baby (or rather, let your baby transition him/herself) from milk to solid foods. Your baby learns to eat solid foods by...well...actually eating solid foods. This means that you skip the pureed baby...

10 Reasons My One-Year-Old is Like a Puppy

By Rachel Crownoble.

218384 10150216113405948 555220947 8309010 7923596 O1. She chews on my shoes. I have tiny teeth marks to prove it.
2. She plays in the toilet.
3. She brings me my sandals if she wants to go out for a walk.
4. She slobbers and licks me.
5. She digs in the trash can.
6. She unrolls the toilet paper roll.

Sweet Baby D

By Rachel Crownoble.

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Sweet Baby D, was born on a warm day in the middle of May. She weighed 7 lbs., 8 oz., and was just the perfect ball of baby.

I loved rubbing my cheek on her thick brown hair, and smelling her new baby scent, and swaddling her tightly in her tiny...


By Rachel Crownoble.

5408864117Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a Birthaholic.

Childbirth thrills me.

It makes me feel alive.

Some people jump from planes,

or race cars,

or walk on high wires,

or even join fight clubs,

all in order to excite their senses.

I witness new life...

Book Review: The Birth Partner (Third Edition)

By Rachel Crownoble.

0808 The Birth Partner BookcoverSince I tend to judge a book by its cover, my first glance at The Birth Partner suggested to me that I may be in for a boring read. I mean, let's face it, this book does have a rather dull and colorless binding.
But I was oh so wrong. Instead of being...