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Amileah's Birth Story

By anoble.

Millie's BirthAmileah (Millie) is my second baby, and just a few days ago we celebrated her third birthday. I never understood my parents when they said, "how time flies" until I had my own precious girls. Now I can say with full knowledge: how time flies!


Book Review: The Vaccine Book

By anoble.

The Vaccine BookI have had an inner battle raging in me for years regarding the issue of when and how to vaccinate my children. It wasn't until recently, when a friend loaned me this book, that I decided to make a peace treaty with myself once and for all. After...

The Birth of Baby Madalynn

By anoble.

Maddie NewbornI am so happy to announce the birth of my third little princess, Madalynn (Maddie) Hannah. She is joined by two older sisters, who love her dearly and smother her with toys, kisses, and hugs every chance they get!

Maddie was born on Feb. 29th...

Book Review: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

By anoble.

Ina Mays Guide To ChildbirthI really enjoyed this book! It took me only four days to read it. I admire how relaxed, calm, and easy-going Ina May is about the whole birthing process. I love the fact that she sees birth is a natural venture, something that a woman does,...